Meeting Adult Learners Needs and Goals through Distance Learning

  • Khalil Alsaadat
Keywords: distance learning, adult learners, adults, distance education


Modern world demands deep changes and deep evolution within multiple spheres of human beings and certainly in education niche as the very start point of any progress. In the situation of strong demand to be educated from one side and total lack of time for attending ordinary educational establishments from another distance learning provides lots of undoubted benefits and meet the needs of so-called non-traditional students, i.e. those ones with responsibilities for career and family that normally keep them from taking conventional college courses. Distance education has a lot of advantages in the context of modern educational environment, though there are also definite disadvantages present if take into account means of studying, quality of adopted skills and knowledge, control for educational process and the side of upbringing. However exactly distance learning as a modern phenomenon and real-time process has much more perspectives if we speak about adult learners’ audience when in many cases distance learning is totally irreplaceable and do not have analogues deserving special attention. The current paper discusses the importance of distance learning to adult learners and the various distance learning methods that they can use to achieve educational goals in order to receive degrees and diplomas and gain practical professional competence.