Awareness of Social Security System of Informal Workers in Thailand


  • Prasittisak Sirijarupat
  • Yaikaew Silrak


Awareness, Social security system, Informal workers, Thailand


This research aimed to examine and compare the levels of awareness of informal workers of the social security system, classified by gender, age, and marital status. The sample group was 500 informal workers in Bangkok in 2013, obtained from systematic random sampling. The research tool used was an awareness test with a reliability 0.93. Obtained data were analyzed using mean, standard deviation, t-test for independent sample, and One-way ANOVA: F-test. The mean difference was tested using Scheffé’s method. The findings illustrated that the awareness of informal worker of the social security system was at a high level. The awareness of workers who had social security was at a high level, whereas those who did not have social security were at a moderate level. Moreover, there was no difference in awareness of social security in terms of gender, age or marital status, both by aspect and overall.




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