Status of Sweetpotato Production in Nigeria; A Collective Role for Poverty Reduction


  • J. C. Udemezue
  • C.J. Eluagu


sweetpotato, production, poverty alleviation


Sweet potatoes are one of the most important and versatile vegetable crops in the world. However, the problem of ignorance of this food crop stands in the way of its full application. Today, sweet potatoes rank sixth in the world in terms of value of roots and tubers based on fresh weight. However, more than 105 million tons of sweet potatoes are grown in the world every year. 95% of raw materials are produced by developing countries. The world's largest area for sweet potato production is Asia. The annual production of sweet potatoes on the continent is 88.51 million tons. In addition, China supplies about 76% of world sweet potato production. This makes it possible to identify China as a leading supplier of sweet potatoes worldwide. Sweet potatoes are a promising food product in terms of overcoming the sad statistics of malnutrition and poverty in low-income regions, particularly in Africa. To this end, the article analyzes the available sources to assess the state of sweet potato production in Nigeria. The role of sweet potatoes in reducing poverty within collective boundaries is especially emphasized. Since the success of sweet potato production – yields – depends significantly on climatic conditions, it also determines the seasonality of production of this plant in some countries where there is no irrigation system. This subsequently affects the quality of root crops on the market, as well as high fluctuations in product prices. Today, only small steps are taken to categorize, assess the roots of sweet potatoes at both domestic and industrial levels. The work is based on the recommendations of molded sweet potato cultivation. And also improvement of a chain of pricing on sweet potatoes with involvement of joint efforts at the governmental and public, social levels. People's perception of sweet potatoes as a low-priority crop should be overcome. State policy should aim to strengthen and adjust the cultivation of sweet potatoes. The economic values of sweet potatoes are best promoted to specialists in the field of crop production, food, economy, etc., to attract more resources and those willing to produce sweet potatoes.




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