The Enhancement of Blood Imaged through Confocal Microscope Using Technical Graphics Program


  • Mashaer A. Hussein
  • Abdelseki S. Mohamed
  • Abdelfatah M. Mohammed


modify confocal microscopy, blood sample, origin program, contour, histogram, image processing


The modified confocal microscopy, which works with white light, using laser with different wavelengths (red, blue and green) by angle 45Odegree,was used in this study, by this tannic laser covering all samples. Charge Coupled Device CCD camera used to image samples, which it connected with computer, and take blood sample imaged by ordinary confocal microscope and compare with sample of blood imaged by modify confocal microscopy. All blood sample images analysis by origin program (contour and histogram), taken as results and show what the difference between imaged by ordinary confocal microscope, and imaged by modify confocal microscope. The red laser color imaged presents the clear and gives more information about the blood sample. The imaged with laser tannic gives more information especially when the color is near the sample color wavelength. This can enhanced the image as well as possible and solve the unclear problems.