Optimization of Conditions and Assessment of Cellulolytic Activity from the Fungi Isolated from Garden Soil


  • S.  Sreeremya


fungi, garden soil, cellulolytic activity, carboxymethyl cellulose(CMC), screening


This study focused on the evaluation of the cellulolytic fungi isolated from different garden soil samples collected from selected sites of Palakkad district (10.7867° N, 76.6548° E). Eight different fungal isolates were isolated and also identified. Then the carboxymethyl cellulose(CMC) screening was carried out of the eight isolates which were earlier labelled as I1,I2,I3,I4,I5,I6,I7,I8, from which four isolates showed increased zone of clearance:I1,I2,I3,I6. Primarily the estimation of protein was carried out followed by estimation of glucose solution by DNS method was done. = 6.18U/ mL, I6 = 7.90U/ mL showed aggrandized enzyme activity. After the screening the optimizations of the conditions (pH and temperature) were recorded for 20 days with 5days of intervals. The I3 and I6 isolates at the fifteenth day at pH 6 and temperature 50°C were observed to be more efficient. Maximum activity was found to be for the two isolates I3: pH 6 -0.59OD, Temperature -0.57OD, I6: pH6-0.66OD, Temperature-0.75OD) and the  I3, I6  isolate, were further assessed for the cellulolytic activity. These findings suggest that among I3, I6 isolates: I6(estimated as Aspergillus niger) isolate showed potential cellulolytic activity.