Synthesis of Nickel complex of N,N-diethyl-N’-naphthoylacylchalcogoureatonickel(II) complexes as single source precursors from heteroleptic mixed ligands and nickel(II) salt for deposition of ternary thin films of nickel chalcogenide via AACVD

  • Tagbo Emmanuel Ezenwa
  • Juliana Chineze Obi
  • E. C. Obiano
Keywords: nickel selenide, nickel sulfide, thin films, chemical vapor deposition, acyl thiourea


The mixed selenothioacylchalcogoureato with nickel (II) salt (N, N –diethyl-N’-naphthoylselenoureato) (N’’N’’-diethyl-N’’’-naphthoylthioureato) nickel (II) using the mixed ligands and nickel(II) were prepared and characterized by elemental analysis, spectroscopic methods and single crystal X – ray method. Thermogravimetric analysis of the complex 2a showed single step decomposition with weight losses occurring between 244.12 °C and 595.04 °C. Compounds 2a was then used as a single - molecular precursor for the deposition of ternary materials NiSxSe1-x thin films through aerosol – assisted chemical vapor deposition. The phase and purity of the as-deposited thin films were confirmed by powdered X-ray diffraction, which showed that the as – grown films were aligned between two phases hexagonal NiSe (ICDD 04-010-3241 and hexagonal NiS (ICDD 04 – 004-4607) only. Morphological studies of the as-deposited films were performed by using field-emission scanning electron microscopy. The elemental composition of the thin films was determined by energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy.