Submission guidelines

The Multidisciplinary European Academic Journal publishes articles of the highest quality. When authors decide to submit an article to the journal, their submissions indicate that their paper should not have been previously published, or be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Manuscripts should be submitted in English. Only original papers will be accepted. Only electronic submission is accepted.

The article should include title of the manuscript, names of all authors/ contributors (with their highest academic degrees, designation and affiliations), name(s) of department(s) and/ or institution(s) to which the work should be credited and e-mails of the authors.

Manuscripts should be submitted to the editor-in-chief through email to [email protected] , [email protected]

[Authors can submit paper in any format as A.O. Syniuta Publisher Support Staff will do all formatting before final publication]. 


Publisher: A.O. Syniuta Publisher
Submit: [email protected] , [email protected]


Publication fee for each accepted article is 50 USD, and will be settled by invoicing by e-mail via LiqPay or in a more appropriate way.       

Articles of the highest quality are free of charge or with a discount. The number of such articles is limited.

The funds for publication are not refundable.