Methods and Strategies of Teaching Mathematics to Adult Learners

  • Khalil Alsaadat
Keywords: methods and strategies of teaching, teaching mathematics, learning mathematics, adult learners, education, andragogy


Adult learning opportunities exist in a wide variety of conditions and physical possibilities: from a formal educational institution, paid private courses to a place of work. While planning teaching of mathematics to adult person or group of people it is essential to take into account the students’ previous knowledge and experience of studying this subject, including their ability to self-recognize their own skills and psychological readiness for being taught. Considerations for adult development in general and education particularly include biological and psychological aspects, also factors of deterioration and disease processes that may occur, as well as the sociocultural and integrative developmental perspectives. These and other constituents determine the whole process of mathematics teaching in young and adult peoples’ abilities to study mathematics at all. This article deals with the andragogical aspect of adult education and adult education programs and is aimed at understanding the process of adult education in the niche of mathematics teaching. Specific strategies of both teaching and learning math for adult learners are provided and their implications are discussed.