The Role of Fishery Methods in Conservation and Management of Aquatic Systems

  • Idowu Eunice Opeyemi
  • Oyeniran Babatunde Hezekiah
  • Odeyemi Dolapo Funmi
  • Jack Josphine
Keywords: fishery methods, conservation, management, governance, sustainability


The aquatic environment houses a wide range of living creatures; many of which are yet to be understood or even discovered. One of the most common of these living creatures is fish. This work describes the role of fishery methods and governance in conservation and management of aquatic systems. The management and the conservation of the aquatic environment are hinged on the employment of sustainable practices such as technical measures, size selectivity of target species,, spatial and temporal controls on fishing, control of fishing gear on habitat, energy efficiency and poison control, fishing mortality control and catch control by the stakeholders in fishery. These also include the Government and everyone who is a beneficiary of the aquatic system directly or indirectly.