Identifying the Barriers and Drivers of IoT Deployment in Healthcare

  • Piyush Kumar
  • M.P. Sebastian
Keywords: healthcare, IoT Deployment, barriers and drivers, ICT technologies


Healthcare is an information-intensive sector and has always benefitted from novel ICT technologies. Utilizing these technologies provides numerous benefits to the stakeholders of healthcare sector such as alternative ways to manage patient's health records, improving the accessibility and affordability of healthcare services, minimizing the errors and making the healthcare providers more accountable. The patients benefit from round-the-clock monitoring of their health which leads to better satisfaction derived from these services. Even though the IoT based healthcare offers numerous advantages, the hospital administrations generally find it hard to deploy these services. A review of the extant literature reveals that there is a scarcity of relevant literature on the barriers and drivers of IoT deployment in healthcare. This paper identifies the key barriers and drivers that are relevant to IoT deployment in healthcare.