Data Analysis and Designing Fuzzy Object-Oriented Database


  • Zeba Tarrannum Maharishi University of Information Technology
  • Santosh Kumar Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University


object-oriented database, fuzzy logic, UML class model, fuzzy object-oriented database


Several kinds of database are available here that are used for storing and retrieving traditional relational information rather than the imprecise and uncertain information. This imprecise and inconsistent data or information frequently occurs when we extent documents where the best we can do is to approximately date them. For example, the date of any ancient monument from certain date to certain date i.e. a range of date, which is not clear. Therefore, it is very much clear that some uncertainty exists when we considered the exact date. To address the uncertainty and impreciseness in data, a new type of database is evolved named fuzzy database. A fuzzy database is named fuzzy due to its theoretical formalization is based on fuzzy logic, in that there is a gradation of values between 0 to 1. Therefore, to reducing the fuzziness in the fuzzy database a fuzzy object-oriented database is designed here for the domain of Health-Care due to there are so much impreciseness and uncertainties in data of medical health-care domain. Therefore, in this paper a fuzzy object-oriented database is designed here and perform some fuzzy queries to validate the performance of it. We focused on the continuously propelled augmentations of Fuzzy sets and their blends in with various contraptions could offer a novel promising planning condition.




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