An Analysis of Politeness Principle Maxims Found in Big Hero 6 Movie

  • Hilman Pardede
  • Herman
  • Widya Pratiwi
Keywords: maxims, movie, politeness, utterance


This research was intended to find out types of politeness maxims in Big Hero 6 movie. When people communicate, there will be a principle, general truth, or pattern. Every communication contains politeness and violation. Therefore, the researcher formulated a question as a problem as follow: What kinds of politeness principle maxims are found in Big Hero 6 movie? To answer the question, some theories used in this research are Yule (1996), Levinson (1997) and Leech. This research used descriptive qualitative method. The source of the data of this research is the utterances that existed in Big Hero 6 movie’s script. After analyzing the data, it was found that there were six politeness principle maxim found in Big Hero 6 movie. The data as follow: 32 Tact maxim, 16 Approbation maxims, 14 Generosity maxims, 11 Agreement maxims, 10 Sympathy maxims, and 7 modesity maxim. Furthermore, Tact maxim is the kind of politeness principle maxim that mostly found in Big Hero 6 movie because the characters in the movie are full of care to show their closeness so that they were not make the other undergo the cost.