The Effect of Price towards Consumer Satisfaction at the Driving School in CV Tulus Jaya (Head Office)

  • Agung Tri Putranto
Keywords: driving school, price, consumer satisfaction


The increasingly fierce competition is characterized by the number of similar businesses, the intense competition makes several providers of driving school provide some more services and affordable prices to be able to attract consumers. Several problems perceived by i.e. customers. prices offered by CV Tulus Jaya is quite expensive, and several consumer dissatisfactions is seen from the number of consumers who did not experience a significant increase. This study aims to find out the price of driving school, then the level of consumer satisfaction and the effect of price towards consumer satisfaction on CV Tulus Jaya (Head Office) in Tangerang - Banten. The study of research is predictive research with a quantitative approach involving eighty three consumers who were taking a driving school during research period. Data analysis techniques using the Microsoft Excel 2007 program with simple linear regression analysis. The results of this study show that price and consumer satisfaction on the CV Tulus Jaya is good, with each of almost 70 percent and more than 60 percent of perceptions that agree and strongly agree. The Price influence to the Consumer Satisfaction at CV Tulus Jaya (Head Office) has a significant impact.