Speech Error of Reporters in Breaking News on CNN


  • Nurmayasari Simanjuntak
  • Herman
  • Yanti Kristina Sinaga


Psycholinguistics, Speech errors, CNN


This research was conducted to analyze the speech errors and the type of speech errors carried out by reporters in delivering breaking news via the CNN YouTube video. The researcher tried to answer two research questions, namely, what are the types of speech errors that reporters make on Breaking News CNN and what types of speech errors made by reporters in CNN news are dominant. The current study is based on Clark and Clark's theory concerning speech errors and their types. This research was conducted using descriptive qualitative methods. Data collection procedures involve observing, transcription, identification, classification, analyzing, and reporting processes. The data is taken through the YouTube video braking news CNN. After the analysis was carried out, the results showed that there were five types of speech errors. Namely silent pause, filled pause, repeats, corrections, slip of tongue. After the analysis, the researchers found that slip of tongue was the most dominant type in reporters’ speech with 15 data (75%), corrections with 2 data (10%), repeats 1 datum (5%), filled pause 1 datum (5%), silent pause 1 datum (5%). Finally, the researcher hopes that this research can be useful for the advancement of literature learning in the future, especially regarding speech errors.




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