Idiomatic Expressions in “A Thousand Words” Movie


  • Evy Sulastri Butarbutar
  • Bloner Sinurat
  • Herman
  • Lydia Purba


semantics, idiomatic expression, movie


This research is a qualitative research applying content or document analysis. The objectives of this research are to analysis the types of idiomatic expression in “A Thousand Words” movie and to interpret the connotative meaning of idiomatic expression. O’Dell and McCharthy’s theory and dictionaries of idiom are used by the researchers to answer the formulated research questions. The subject of this research is a movie entitled “A Thousand Words” movie directed by Brian Robbins. The data were some scene including the idiomatic expression in “A Thousand Words” movie. To collect the data, the researchers downloaded the movie from Google, watched the film “A Thousand Words” for several time, then searched for the script of the movie in the Internet, watched the movie again while reading the script, found some sentences that are considered to have idiomatic expression needed for the analysis and explained the connotative meaning of idiom, tabulated all idiomatic expression extracted from the script of the movie. After collected the data, the researchers analyzed the data, classifying the idiomatic expression, finding the connotative meaning of the idiomatic expression, drawing the conclusion to answer the research problems. The findings of the research are as follows: in “A Thousand Words””, all O’Dell and McCarthy’s six types of idiomatic expression are found. Those six types of idiomatic expressions are simile idiom (6.6%), binomial idiom (13.3%), Trinomials (6.6%), proverb idiom (26.6%), cliché idiom (30%), and other language (16.6%). The dominant types in “A Thousand Words” movie is proverb and cliché.




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