Therapy Without Interferon in Elderly Patients with Advanced Liver Disease

  • Dmytro Rachuk
Keywords: hepatitis, treatment, liver, interferon, patients


Today, despite the development of medicine and technologies, in general, there are quite a large number of diseases that are difficult to treat or are incurable at all. The most serious diseases include liver disease, especially among elderly people. During their treatment it is necessary to take into account the state of the organism and carry out all relevant analyzes in order to be sure of the personal tolerance of the drugs and the need to introduce a special course of treatment for such people. Treatment with interferon therapy shows high level of effectiveness, but for the normal transfer of this course of treatment to the elderly, the use of interferon should be discontinued, since it is very difficult to excrete it from such patients’ bodies. Nowadays, there are a number of tools, features and special medications that are used to treat advanced liver diseases such as hepatitis, without the use of interferon.